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Ferrier Pumps design and build pump stations which comply with the latest Scottish Water Sewers for Adoption regulations. We are the largest provider of such pump installations in Scotland and we provide an ongoing after sales service for all our work.

These pump installations can include Telemetry Systems which are used to monitor the integrity of a pump station while the station is in the process of being adopted and houses on  site are in the process of being sold off.

The pump stations we build are sewage stations and potable water pump stations. They can also be designed to accommodate the needs of the local fire brigade.

We are a Scottish Water, Quality & Standards, IV , Tier 1 Waste Water Infrastructure Delivery Partner:


Lot 3 Mechanical & Electrical, Framework


and Scottish Water M&E Rural Framework Partner

No. SW14/CAP/0912.

We are well qualified to design and build these systems and have been doing so for thirty five years. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

For further information regarding Adoptable Pumping Stations, please go to our CONTRACTS SECTION which covers this subject in more detail.





One of the bigger headaches for Housing Developers is maintaining their Pumping Station while it is in the process of being Adopted by Scottish Water.

Nothing is more likely to put off a new house purchaser than if they hear that there are problems with the reliability of the housing estate’s sewage pumping station.


For many years at Ferrier Pumps, we have provided housing developers with our  REST EASY PROGRAMME which provides   24 /7 telemetry,  Real –Time Monitoring  of a Developers’ Pumping Station which is backed up by our Emergency Call Out Engineers who cover Scotland from our three locations in Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Glasgow. .


The Rest Easy Programme gives the Developer peace of mind that all is well while the Two Year  Scottish Water Adoption Process, is brought  to a satisfactory conclusion.


In some instances, this Two Year Adoption Process is  extended when Scottish Water wish to prolong the Adoption Process until every house on the estate has been built and sold.

In these circumstances, The Ferrier Pumps Rest Easy Programme can be adjusted to meet the client’s needs and the warranty extended on the station to give assurance to the developer that the plant will be maintained and remain in a 100% condition, removing any risk of failure in normal circumstances. 

This way, we can give an assurance that the Pumping Station is running at all times, at peak efficiency.


Our specialist Adoptable Pumping Station team will be glad to discuss your requirements and prepare a REST EASY PROGRAMME to meet all your requirements upon request.