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Today,  Health & Safety when transferring fluids is  given much greater priority than in times past. To accommodate and comply with these higher standards , which operate across all our markets, FLUX PUMPS have continuously innovated to improve their range of Carboy and Barrel Emptying Pumps to  meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.


With this in mind, risks which could otherwise occur in operation have already been taken into consideration by FLUX PUMPS at the design stage.


Different industries present different challenges whether in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, hygienic or explosion-hazard sectors, but whatever the product being pumped, safety is the first consideration.

There are many other aspects to the FLUX PUMP product range which are appealing to the end user. FLUX PUMPS by their very nature, cut down on manual handling of drums and containers and due to a clever variety of pump options, they leave less residual liquid  in the bottom of the containers. Solvents, spirits, oils and fuel, whether high or low viscosity, are expensive commodities that our customers do not want to leave splashing about at the bottom of the barrel when, by innovative pump design, the container can virtually be pumped almost dry. Reduced waste reduces costs and helps to protect the environment !


There are a variety of different pump end designs which accommodate different viscosities and even a progressive cavity pump end for those extra arduous duties.

Please note that FLUX PUMPS also manufacture a range of pumps for permanent installation that can be fitted inside and outside of tanks for electro- plating and finishing processes.

To complement their pump ranges, FLUX can also provide Mixers, Flow Metering and Batching devices, Dispensing Hoses and Dry Shut off Nozzles.

To accommodate the  vast range of aggressive chemicals modern industries require, the pumps come in a wide range of materials such as 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C , Polypropylene, PVDF and a whole host of other plastics with elastomers to suit any application.


The pump tubes come in a variety of  lengths to suit industry standard containers and the drive motors come in a wide range of voltages , including battery operated, Atex and Ex rated as well as air operated.

The motors are easily detachable from the pump tube which means that an end user can have six or seven pump tubes handing different chemicals but he will only require a single motor to operate all the pumps used in the process.        


You should be able to find all this information on this web site. If in doubt, call us to discuss your requirements.

For all your carboy and barrel emptying applications, contact Ferrier Pumps where we will be pleased to discuss your application and direct you to the right FLUX PUMP product every time.

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