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Ferrier Pumps have for many years been a major supplier of wheels and castors which are designed for many different applications which reflects the diverse activities  of our customer base. The catalogue showing our Utility range is a small section of the varieties of wheels and castors that we supply. You will find these on chassis and trolleys used in every branch of industry, medicine and commerce.

We supply wheels and castors for multiple applications such as high temperature, low temperature, sea water resistant, scaffolding, stainless steel, cast iron, oil resistant ,  the food industries,  electronics manufacturers, fuel suppliers, chemical manufacturers, waste bins, supermarkets, catering equipment manufacturers, and antistatic / electric conductive castors for hospitals.


The castor types can be swivel, fixed, swivel with brake, swivel with directional brake and swivel castors with total back brakes.

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Castors and wheels also come with plain bearings, roller bearings or precision ball bearings depending on the application and cost constraints.

They are also available in a wide range of colours to suit the aesthetics of the equipment they are fitted to but also, sometimes, to denote their type and application.

Please contact us to discuss your applications. If you have old and worn castors that you need to replace, provide us with a sample, or photograph it next to a ruler and email the picture to us. If you wish to upgrade the wheels or castors you are using, again let us see what you are using and explain the problems you are encountering. We will come up with a better solution to suit your application.


Remember, if you can’t see what you are looking for in the brochure on our website, call us as we have many many other castor and wheel products that we can supply you, which are not shown at this time.