Ferrier Pumps see Corporate Social  Responsibility as an opportunity for us to strengthen our relationships with all our stakeholders at every level.

As customers, employees and suppliers have begun to place more value on Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Ferrier Pumps has looked to CSR as a means of strengthening our company, whilst contributing more back to society.


We believe that when CSR is implemented with an effective strategy, it supports increasing company performance as well as generating positive social impact.

At Ferrier Pumps, we see CSR as a type of self-regulatory business plan ,with initiatives which focus on achieving economic, social and environmental benefits for employees, our customers and the community at large.


We see our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives as  lengths taken by us which go beyond what is deemed compulsory by law and ethical standards as stated by regulators and environmental associations. We audit these procedures both internally and externally and make sure that our standards are not allowed to slip.


We see our main CSR as reducing our activities impact on the environment. This covers waste disposal , reducing our energy consumption, investing in more environmentally friendly vehicles and attempting to reduce travel whenever possible. This extends to Ferrier Pumps instructing our supplier base  to reduce packaging materials where possible, use environmentally sympathetic paints and lubricants and implementing a workable re-cycling programme where materials are properly collected and sorted before disposal by authorised waste disposal contractors.


These activities dovetail into Ethical Responsibility where we see ourselves as working in a culture where we treat our customers and suppliers and our employees in a fair and honest manner that does not cut corners when nobody is looking or in a position to object to such behaviour !


From there we look at the Philanthropic activities we are involved in as a result, and inspired by the philosophies above, which lead us to encouraging our employees to take part in charitable events, make donations to good causes of our choice and assist with helping our apprentices attain high levels of training which puts them on a pathway where they can thrive in the workplace, and as people, now and in the future.


At Ferrier Pumps, we recognise Corporate Social Responsibility as a valuable way for us to demonstrate our humanity whilst doing our part for society, the environment and our country.