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Biomass has proved to be a big market for pumps of all shapes and sizes.

The nature of the “waste” which is the feedstock of the biomass industry is organic and can be made up of vegetable or animal waste.

We see waste fruit and vegetables as well as fish and animal waste all being chopped up and put into the “kettle” to be boiled up to produce valuable gas and other bi-products such as Carbon Dioxide to be used to encourage plant growth in greenhouses and fertiliser which goes back into the land.


These products before and after tend to have a high solids content and therefore we see many progressive cavity pumps, rotary lobe pumps and open impeller solids handling centrifugal pumps being used on these plants. Large macerator pumps and screw type pumps also have their place on the Biomass Factory floor.


As the cycle comes to a conclusion we also see high pressure boiler feed pumps being used to provide water to high pressure boilers which feed the steam to the turbines, which produce the electricity, which power our industries and homes.  


Many of these waste products are difficult and arduous to pump so it is essential that the correct pumps are selected for these challenging applications.