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With an increased demand for more sophisticated and luxurious bathrooms, we find ourselves being asked to supply more complex and powerful shower pump systems which give a much higher pressure and higher flow than in times gone by. We have a full range of pumps that can give your shower the “Zing” effect in the morning and also the “Waterfall” effect that expensive shower systems now demand.

There is also a major trend with people installing bathrooms and wet rooms in basements,  many of which are below the natural drainage level.  Often a utility room with a sink and a washing machine is installed next door, once again without gravity drainage being available. We can help here as we have an interesting range of package sump pumps that can handle the below-ground discharge from baths and showers and we also have a specialist selection of sealed sewage macerator pump sets that can accommodate toilet waste without any nasty smells or odours. These operate to the highest standards of reliability. 

For the elderly, we have special pump systems for showers and walk in baths that are installed by local authorities to accommodate wheelchair users and people who are not mobile and have no choice but to have a shower and toilet installed on an accessible floor.  These pumps can handle small solids and hair and can run dry.   

These systems work well and allow comfort and hygiene for all.