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The Food Industries perhaps offer  the greatest variety of challenges in our market, as there is hardly any aspect of the wide spectrum of pumps and valves available that do not have some niche application connected to food production.

This can vary from applications such as transferring fruit without pulverising it for jams and dessert fillings, injecting baked beans or mashed potato into pies, chocolate production or simply the maceration and transfer of waste products such as fish offal, abattoir waste or disposing of mud and grit from vegetable washings.

Many pump systems used in food production are standard industrial pumps whose characteristics and features suit these applications the same as if they were part of a typical industrial process. However, when we select different types of Food Quality Hygienic Pumps, these are of much more sophisticated designs which incorporate materials such as stainless steels with high quality polished & electroplated finishes, with easy strip down and clean features. Clean In Place (CIP), steam connections are often fitted with clinically designed internals that eliminate food particles from building up and accumulating inside the pump itself.

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