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There are many different types of filters. In line Y type strainers, basket filters, twin basket filters and others of the more usual types are covered in various adjoining sections of this website under the category of valves and accessories. 

The type of FILTRATION applications we wish to discuss here are the specialist ones that we can offer in the forms of cartridge or bag filtration. We can offer cartridge and bag filters that remove particles below 0.5 micron in size and are used to ensure the supply of clean safe drinking water and clean water for industries such as electronics manufacturing, food processing, and paint and ink manufacturing as well as for general industrial applications, and re-claiming oils.

Spun bonded and pleated cartridges can be used for applications such as dirt and particle removal, taste and odour reduction, bacteria reduction and Cryptosporidium and  Giardia cyst reduction.

Resin impregnated and Carbon cartridges can be used on such things as oil removal, corrosive liquids and gasses, high temperature applications, plating solutions, photographic processing, dentistry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical production and much, much more. 

If you have an application that requires a high degree of fluid filtration then we will have the technical expertise to offer you an economic solution to your problem. Filter housings come in Polypropylene, PTFE and Stainless Steel to suit all applications.

Over the years, the costs of these cartridges have come down as the quality and standards of filtration have gone up allowing manufacturers to enjoy a real improvement in their manufacturing techniques at little or no extra expense.


So as we have described in the filtration section above, water filters are fantastic things but there is only one snag!  Bacteria can be very small indeed and some can simply pass through the type of cartridge filters we have just discussed.

The solution to this problem is to kill the bacteria by bombarding it with ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT, manufactured in a lamp that produces artificial sunshine at a level which disrupts the bacteria’s DNA which destroys the bacteria’s ability to replicate itself. 

These UV systems are manufactured to BSEN:ISO9001 and comply with international UV. dosing standards, even at the end of the lamps life. The systems come with many standard features and options can include lamp / electric failure indicator and shut down, and UV lamp status indicator. These systems are ideal for any application where private water supplies are being relied upon for drinking water such as camp sites and caravan parks, farm buildings, micro breweries, public toilets, ships, aircraft and many, many more.  

Much larger UV Systems are available for commercial and industrial applications but the principal behind these systems is the same as described above.

If you have a requirement for clean healthy drinking water then we have the solution to your problem at an affordable cost.