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The different aspects of Agricultural pump applications come in many shapes and sizes. Ferrier Pumps have a vast experience of dealing with all of them. Obvious requirements such as bore-hole pumps, irrigation and providing water supplies to cattle troughs or for wash down applications are a routine request for our staff. 

In recent years, chopper pumps processing waste vegetation for bio-mass plants,  root vegetables for cattle feed , slurry pumps for potato and carrot washing and sludge control effluent management, have become more common applications that we are routinely invited to assist with.

Many products that Ferrier's use to tackle these difficult and challenging applications, are similar or the same as equipment that is used in sewage processing and the pumps are built to the same high standards. It is a natural step therefore, for our engineers to use their experience, gained in one area of application, to transfer this knowledge and expertise to problem solving in other fields.

Whether it is straightforward irrigation, field drainage or greenhouse humidity control that you require, you will find someone at Ferrier Pumps is able to provide you with the correct advice to select the pumps, controls and the accessories that you need.