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We have installed many flood prevention projects in Scotland, both large and small. For those that have had the misfortune of experiencing one, flooding can be a nightmare. To know that a flood prevention scheme has been installed only to discover that it is inadequate for the job, not functioning or simply clogged with debris and unable to operate when an emergency occurs, is inexcusable.

Ferrier Pumps work with the most experienced flood prevention consultants in Scotland and liaise with Scottish Water and local authorities to ensure that only the best, most reliable equipment is installed on these vital pump stations. Installations are carried out in full accordance with industry best practice and we ensure that the pump stations we build and maintain are always able to perform at 100% of their design capacity. 

Stations can be fitted with automatic self- cleaning screens to minimise the risk of pump inlets clogging and they can be fitted with standby generators to ensure full operation, even when there is a power outage. Telemetry systems are fitted as standard on most of these schemes so that local authorities can monitor pump performance and any failures or problems can be quickly brought to the attention of those responsible for the systems operation. Flood prevention is a very satisfying aspect of our work and we are proud to be able to say we have an excellent success rate with all of the flood prevention pump stations we have designed and installed to date.