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We were recently awarded a major  contract from the aBV partnership for the replacement and upgrade of 11KVA  (11,000 Volt) transformers and switchgear at four Scottish Water sites.

The four sites are located at Albert Road Pumping Station, Leith, Stevenson Park & Gailes Pumping Stations in Ayrshire and Laighpark Sewage Treatment Works which treats wastewater from the Paisley area.


The three pumping stations are located next to the coast and as is inevitable due to the location of these stations , the transformers and switchgear had suffered from corrosion due to the salt air. The Laighpark transformer was just old and in need of an upgrade.


At each site, we had to provide an alternative power supply to the works by means of large generators, so that the plants could remain operational while the old transformers and switchgear were removed, and the new equipment put into place. When the new transformers were connected to the incoming power supply, they then go through a “Soaking “ period of 24 hours where they can be tested and where any faults will be discovered, during this final testing stage. Our staff worked back to back, continuous shifts to ensure that our skilled electrical and commissioning engineers were available round the clock until, the soaking period was complete.


Due to the fact that Ferrier Pumps own staff are present to  witness the factory tests, no faults were anticipated with the new equipment and no faults were found.


The transformers take the power from the grid at 11,000 Volt and transform it down to 415V  or in some cases 690V . The transformers then feed the power to the pumps and screens and other equipment used by Scottish Water who operate 24/7,  Clean and Wastewater Pumping Stations and Sewage and Drinking Water Treatment Plants, up and down the whole of Scotland.  

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