Ferrier Pumps is a difficult company to describe and the scope of our activities can be hard to communicate to those who do not understand the breadth and reach of our activities. This is not just a problem that we have to work hard to overcome with our customers but also at times with our own staff, especially the newer recruits, who do not know the history of our organisation and who we sometimes fail to inform as well as we could.


It was Henry Ford who said that "History is Bunk" That was O.K. for him to say as the Ford Motor company had four professional historians in their ranks to record Henry's activities for posterity, so we might learn from his sucess and hopefully avoid his mistakes. We are not so fortunate.


Ferrier Pumps have been in operation since 1981. It sometimes feels that it has taken almost forty years to become an overnight sucess, and it is worth remembering that forty years ago, the business environment was very different to what it is today.


Politics aside, we can agree that the Thatcher government which came to power in 1979, created a more sympathetic business environment in 1981 which allowed us, then a  one man business which Ferrier Pumps was when it started, to thrive without union interference and closed shops barring us from trading with our customers because our workforce was not unionised.


It is hard for people born after this time to realise the bitterness that hung in the air and the speed of change which swept the country then,  with old industries quickly dying and new industries rising just as fast, as the world of computers and finance came to the fore. Within this environment Ferrier Pumps was established where an atmosphere of realism prevailed and  talent and hard work were once again recognised as something to be admired and encouraged. It is easy to draw parallels between now and 1979 as we as a country prepare again to embrace change and ready ourselves to leave the EU. One thing is for certain, sink or swim, Ferrier Pumps will be ready to accept whatever challenges arise as a result, and we will be here for many years to continue our journey which started back in the early eighties.


Ferrier Pumps was started by people who wished to build a business that was useful to the community in every way we could be useful. At Ferrier Pumps, as change swept the country, we worked away and built up our customer base and our expertise.


At this time, we have a cross section of people in our workforce who reflect the political and ethnic landscape of our country. The one thing we have in common is a belief in hard work and effort which goes hand in hand with business ethics and integrity at all times. We invest in staff training and are proud of the fact that at the time of writing, over 12% of our workforce are enrolled in educational programmes and recognised apprentice schemes.


At Ferrier Pumps, we believe in ourselves and take pride in doing the best job we can, whatever the circumstances. Our people enjoy working together as a team and enjoy working with our customers. Together we have achieved much over the last forty years.

Below is the FICA certificate awarded to our now,  ex-apprentice, Josh Cross. He is one of the best engineers we have in our Edinburgh team. Congratulations Josh, we expected nothing less from you.