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Air operated diaphragm pumps have become standard throughout almost every manufacturing and process industry in the U.K. The advantages they have over conventional pumps is that they can run dry, they self prime, they can handle solids, and they are abrasion resistant. They can cope with a wide range of nasty, high viscosity chemicals and if they are dead headed against a closed discharge valve, they simply stall. They are built to be almost idiot proof.

They can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres and are therefore ideal for use on hazardous applications such as where petrol has been spilled, in paint factories, distilleries and any other area where there is the potential for dangerous, flammable fumes to ignite. They of course, have to be properly earthed, to avoid the possibility of a spark due to static electricity, but generally air operated double diaphragm pumps are a Number 1 solution

They are so versatile , they can be used for pumping drilling mud, emptying a ships bilges into the oil water separator or making safe an overturned road tanker full of toxic, inflammable chemicals. 

Other types of air operated pumps are centrifugal pumps driven with air motors, piston pumps for paint, ink and mastic extrusion, high pressure, pressure testing pumps and hygienic pumps used by the food industry for product transfer and metering applications.

Ferrier Pumps are the largest U.K. stock holder of the famous SANDPIPER range of pumps and we also hold in stock other makes such as Wilden and Aro.

Regardless of your application, we at Ferrier Pumps will be able to offer the right AIR OPERATED PUMP to suit your requirements.