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Ferrier Pumps are heavily involved in building Scottish Water Pumping Stations for POTABLE WATER.


One of the more interesting projects that we were recently involved with was the second phase of Scottish Water’s £120 Million, Ayrshire Water Mains Project which has become known as the Ayrshire Resilience Scheme. This project was awarded to the Caledonian Water Alliance (CWA), in 2017 and we are subcontracted directly by them.  


Without going into too much detail, the object of this project was to create the equivalent of a national grid type web for the water supply to Ayrshire and parts of East Renfrew.

This involved installing over 30 miles of new water mains and additional spur lines, to connect the system in Ayrshire to the greater Glasgow area’s water supply network. This would provide an alternative to the current water supply which comes 24 miles from Bradon water Treatment works South of Straiton, in South Ayrshire.  Much of the new pipe network is made of 900mm diameter steel with a polyethylene external coating and an epoxy internal lining made up of 13.2 M long sections.


When this project is completed, it will allow Scottish Water to transfer water from Glasgow to Ayrshire and vice-versa creating a more robust and reliable supply network where required.


Ferrier Pumps were awarded the contract for two of the main pumping stations for this project which we detail below;


Ferrier Pumps engineered and built the Highlees part of the project which consists of building a new Pumping Station near Dundonald in South Ayrshire.

Ferrier Pumps were also been contracted to refurbish the Pumping Station at Greenock which pumps to the old Water Treatment Works at kaimes.


Both pumping stations have been fitted out with new switchgear,  telemetry, pumps, motors, valves, pipe work, handrails and access walkways and ladders.

Where required, surge vessels and air valves have been installed to reduce the possibility of any shock from water hammer when the pumps stop and start, although the variable speed drive ( VSD’s),  control systems  on the pumps motors, will greatly reduce the need for these features.


The total MEICA value for these projects, not including some substantial additions such as additional telemetry, came in at circa£1.6 million and everything was built on time and commissioned without fuss or delay.

 Installation of Fibre-Optic telemetry Communication Link between Whinhill Water Pumping Station and Dougliehill High Service Reservoir.


 As an addition to the Scottish Water, Ayrshire  Resilience Scheme, Ferrier Pumps were contracted to carry out an installation of fibre-optic cabling to link an existing water pumping station at Whinhill  to an existing reservoir pumping station at Dougliehill which would allow the planned redundancy of  two pumping stations, situated  between both sites.


This additional work required the installation of over 10,000 meters of SWAOS2 grade fibre-optic cable fully installed within ground duct systems inclusive of full termination via multiple IP68 fibre-optic junction boxes. These works were carried out across very demanding terrain such as various tracts of farmland, main carriageways & housing estate street networks.


The project required working in very close partnership with all the other relevant stakeholders due to the multiple road traffic controls that were necessary.  A specialist cabling installer was appointed to assist in minimising  the required road closures throughout the fibre-optic installation. Specialist fibre-optic engineers were engaged to speed up the time taken to complete the installation and to assist with the testing and certification of the finished telemetry system.


This project proved to be a major success which was achieved by a combination of teamwork and a determination to hand over an operational system to our client within the very tight timescale and adjusted schedules.


Below is a series of pictures which shows the work we carried out in 2019 at Highlees Pumping Station which pumps up to the  Winhill works at Kilmarnock.


The work included Pumps, Variable Speed Drives, Rotork Actuated Valves, Overhead Crane, the M.C.C. Installation and new Walkways and Gantry’s.