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Ferrier Pumps are a great believer in the benefits of Programmed Maintenance. Experience clearly proves that our customers benefit from increased reliability and lower overall lifetime costs when a Pump Maintenance Programme is in place. 

To minimise pump breakdowns, for many years now we have been operating our “Gold Star Maintenance” programme where we agree upon a schedule with our clients as to how often their equipment is to be serviced and to what degree  that service should be carried out. These assessments are based on the average running hours the equipment is employed and by discussing with our client exactly how essential the reliability of their equipment is to their business. And so, a single pump system providing water to a holiday cottage may only require one inspection and service each year, but a sewage pump station that services four hundred houses would be visited three or four times a year with at least one major service being carried out every twelve months.

Fitting control panels with hours run meters and other devices that monitor the efficiency of our pump systems gives us an accurate picture of when pumps require servicing and when the time for a repair is imminent. Telemetry devices can also warn us when a pump is not running at its best, which is a sure sign that problems are not far away.

For example, changing bearings and seals in good time can mean you prevent leaks which could cause extensive flood damage and expensive motor failures at a later date.

Our customers know as well as we do that Preventative Maintenance makes sense. We suggest you bite the bullet and sign up for an appropriate  Maintenance Protection Programme covering all your vital pumping equipment which will give you peace of mind to enable you to run your business without worrying about pump breakdowns.


Trying to save a few pounds by ignoring pump maintenance is a policy you know will ultimately catch up with you.

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