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Marine pumps come in all shapes and sizes. Seawater and a ship’s environment are a highly corrosive combination so the pump materials we use have to be selected with care ranging from marine grade zinc free bronze to special corrosion resistant cast irons.

We provide pumps for engine cooling, boiler feed, bilge duties, fire protection, tank & ballast transfer, cargo handling, deck washing, sewage, fresh water and fuel systems. These routine duties aside we also supply pumps to transfer live fish, to aerate lobster holding tanks, systems for on-board fish offal processing, sand and mud dredging and for dispensing detergents to break up oil spillages. Drive options can include engine mounted / pulley drives, diesel engines, AC & DC electric motors and hydraulic and air driven motors as well as foot and hand operated pumps. We supply spare parts for hundreds of different makes of pumps and provide a fast and reliable service worldwide to our marine customers.