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Ferrier Pumps have a long history of being involved in many interesting Pumping Projects which are not necessarily connected to Potable Water or Sewage Systems.

For example, over the years we have been involved in designing and building Nuclear reactor Cooling Systems for use with  Her Majesty’s submarine fleet when they are sitting in dry dock for refurbishment or repair.


We have designed and installed a multitude of fountains and water displays up and down the country and we have designed and built may water features for ornamental parks and gardens.

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We have supplied Fire Fighting Pumps to the MOD for use on remote places such as St.Kilda and  Cape Verde and in the wake of the Gulf War we supplied numerous packaged pump stations for use in the Green Zone which is an area about ten mile square where our Coalition Troops are supposed to be able to relax in a “safe” area.

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One of the first major projects that we undertook was the design and build of Deep Sea World located at South Queensferry in Fife. When this was opened it was by far the largest Salt Water Aquarium in the world and it’s attendance figures dwarfed every other tourist attraction in Scotland for many years. We still maintain the pump systems at this attraction including the Sea Water Inlet pump which is installed outside the complex in the sea itself, and which can only be reached by boat at low tide.

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On Offshore projects, we have been involved with pump systems for commercial dredging and underwater pipeline installation and supplied many mini submarines better known as remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s), with a variety of pump systems to blow sand and sediment away and carry out underwater, high pressure water jetting activities, some at great depths. This leads on to underwater archaeology and treasure hunting itself of which we have played a crucial part in our clients successes. We even supplied a pump system to pump fish food out, into the sea for use on a tourist submarine operating in the Caribbean. The idea was that this would attract fish so the tourists felt they were getting their  money’s worth !

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We regularly supply the paddle Steamer Waverley with pumps and spares as we do the Sir Walter Scot which makes its way up and down Loch katrin several times a day.


The key to these oddball projects is to make sure that we have a clear understanding of what our clients are trying to achieve and for us to adapt standard industrial pumping equipment to suit their needs so that costs stay realistic and reliability is not compromised. It is our aim that where possible, we  provide simple straightforward pumping solutions as we understand that our clients may not have staff skilled in maintaining or operating pumping systems. 

Click here to read a story printed in the Scotsman which covers a Potable Water system we designed and installed for the Montrose Port Authority. A system was required which would enable ships to fill up with water at a very fast rate so that they could come into port, drop off their containers and be away again as soon as possible. A fill rate of 280 Tonnes per hour was agreed and that is what we delivered. The fast turn round rate that the Port of Montrose is now able to offer their clients has significantly increased the tonnage that is now choosing to use the port on a regular basis.