May 22, 2020 


In an attempt to combat the Corona – 19 Virus , Ferrier Pumps has made available a new range of Emergency Wash Stations which can be installed practically anywhere in a customers premises where instant hand washing facilities are required.


There units are competitively priced and are readily available.

They can be installed in portacabins and outside in car parks as required and they give a great flexibility to customers who require unusual solutions to combat the challenges of these unusual times.

There are hot water and cold water versions available with soap dispensers and hand sanitizes.

Please contact our sales teams to discuss your requirements and together we can work to stop this pandemic in its tracks !


May 22, 2020 


Further to our adventures at the multi -storey block of flats a fortnight ago, the new pump booster set arrived at our works and here it is shown sitting in our Leith workshop waiting to be tested prior to being taken to site.


The old pump set above turned out to have been installed in 1968 so nobody can complain about the service that it has provided. It would be interesting to know how many thousands upon thousands of hours it has run and how many millions of litres of water it has delivered over that time.

Most of us reading this will be long gone in 52 years when , in all probability, if this block of flats are still standing, some one from Ferrier Pumps will have to figure out how this new pump works as it will be time for a replacement !


May 22, 2020 


To combat the Covid -19 Virus and make our offices safer for all, we have taken Health & Safety Advice and installed clear Perspex screens at our trade counters and on the desks of our office workstations.

We are told that since this pandemic has started , the cost of the Perspex sheet has gone up by approximately 230 % after only a few weeks.

At the moment, because the screens are new, they are surprisingly unobtrusive and it is easy to forget that they are there. They are so clear that it is impossible to get a decent picture of them.

If people up and down the country are anything like myself, we will soon see the A&E Departments filling up again with people who have broken their noses by walking into these screens.


May 14, 2020 


These two pictures show our Leith workshop being used as an overflow storage facility as pumps pile up waiting for delivery to our clients as soon as the Corona lockdown is lifted.

The same is true of our Aberdeen and Glasgow depots who also eagerly await a return to a full working environment where we can all get on with our jobs.

This virus has presented quite a few challenges over the last few months and for some of us, the benefits of video conferencing have become self- evident in minimising travel, speeding up meetings, better preparation and causing meetings to  be more focused.  This is a development which will hopefully remain in place as the age of Video Conferencing finally dawns.

There will be other aspects of this pandemic which have caused most of us to change our ways of working . A greater recognition on the value of supporting a local supply chain has to be one of them.


May 14, 2020 


We were called out to an emergency breakdown late on a Friday evening this month.

A multi – storey block of flats had no water supply. That is over fifty families without a water supply !

Upon investigation it transpired that there were two booster pump sets that had broken down, one in the basement and one up on the roof.

These pump sets could have come out of a museum and once we figured out what the problem was , we had a difficult job of stitching them together again with bits of string and cello-tape, which went on the next day and into the Sunday.

The problem was that as there were so many valves and pipes disappearing into voids and with no drawings available to give us a clue as to how the system worked that the whole exercise turned into a demonstration of “Fuzzy Logic” versus “Trial and Error”. The two pump sets were obviously intended to work together but it was not clear how this was supposed to happen in view of the fact that they operated independently of each other.

However, we did somehow manage to keep water flowing into all the apartments over the Friday night to the Monday at which point we were able to implements a more permanent repair.

The two pump sets are now designated to the scrap heap and they will be replaced by twin pumps run by  variable speed drives which will not only be more energy efficient, matching flow and pressure to demand, but which will cut down on the noise created by intermittent harmonics in the pipe system which has been a constant source of complaints from the residents over many years and a very difficult problem to identify and solve.

Once again the engineers at Ferrier Pumps rose to the challenge and were not found wanting. Well done to all of you !


This old pump set has seen better days but it was cutting edge technology when it was installed.

May 14, 2020 


We were asked to refurbish another giant progressive cavity pump for a bio-mass client.

These photographs show the size of the new stator and also the screw auger which is used to force the waste vegetation which makes up the bio-mass feedstock, into the rotor and stator, prior to it being pumped into the digestor.

You can see Coco the Dog in the picture. She gives you a good idea of the size of the new parts required. Too heavy to lift manually, we will need to employ specialist lifting equipment to get the parts into place. 


May 14, 2020 


One of the side effects of the Corona – 19  Virus Pandemic has been an inevitable slowdown for many people.

As a result, the gardens of Britain have never looked better as people have used the lockdown to tidy up and do all these gardening jobs that can be so easily neglected in normal times.

At our Ferrier Pumps Leith office we have a few feet of ground that runs along the building and round the car park. Over the years have experimented with various plants and shrubs all in an effort  to create a nice environment for ourselves, our customers and the residents across the road from us.

Much of the work we have done recently has been removing unsuitable plants like bamboo, rhododendrons and privet bushes that have never been favourites but that take over the available space at the expense of the plants that you would prefer to encourage.  So don’t be timid. If something is spoiling the look of your garden, rip it out and throw it away !

Keep an eye out for greenfly and pests. You can make your own pesticide treatments for next to no cost, plants by following instructions off the internet. Most of it is Fairy Liquid.

The weather in April was so good that our plants have taken off early this year and some of the roses that have already appeared are really excellent.

uch of what has been put in several years ago comes back year after year and much of it has been grown from seeds at 99p a packet from of Poundstretcher.

So is you do have a little bit of ground available, tidy it up, plant some things that flower and don’t need much attention, and you might surprise yourself what you can achieve even if you know nothing about gardening !

April 28, 2020 




In the last week of April Ferrier Pumps landed an order for £662,500.00 for the servicing and maintenance of sewage pumping stations at a vital NHS facility.

This order reflects the trust that has built up between Ferrier Pumps and our client over a long period of time where Ferrier Pumps have been asked to meet many challenges and tight schedules.


Ferrier Pumps have been supplying equipment and services to NHS properties for forty years. We have always strived to provide the best value possible to the NHS and we have always responded to the requirements of the NHS as a top priority, with no exceptions.


It is quite an honour for Ferrier Pumps to have this contract placed with us at this time when NHS staff are without doubt at the frontline in battling to help our country cope with and who will ultimately conquer, the Corona- 19 Virus.


At this time, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the NHS workers that we have dealings with and also the ones whom we don’t know.  No matter if you are at the coalface in the operating theatre or part of the unseen maintenance and engineering staff, keeping the lights on and the heating systems functioning, this is without doubt your finest hour !


April 28, 2020 


Hard on the heels of the repair our Aberdeen Engineers recently carried out at a RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANT up North, the same client asked us to attend site at one of their similar plants in Fife to look at an almost identical pump handling spent grain used in their gasification /  fermentation process.


The plant must have been designed by the same engineer who designed the northern plant and  we can only surmise that he was given a shoe horn for his ninth birthday as once again we have a very big pump, squeezed into a very small space. It is possibly easy to be wise in hindsight but you can see from these pictures that this pump which is over six meters long will be a difficult beast to remove when the time for that inevitably comes around. 


Fortunately, this time, the repair was of a relatively minor nature and we did not require cranes or other specialist lifting equipment to remove the pump to our workshop as we were able to carry out the repair with the pump remaining in situ.


April 28, 2020 


Just because there is a viral pandemic hovering above us at this time does not mean that life does not go on.


These two pictures show one of our intrepid engineers tackling a blocked sewage pump at an Edinburgh Old Folks Home at the end of April, dressed head to toe in his usual PPE but also wearing an  additional high quality mask which the manufacturers claim gives some sort of protection against viruses.   


After expending a considerable amount of time researching the internet, we were able to eventually confirm from a reliable source that the COVID-19 virus does indeed survive in sewage and thus, it can be transmitted to anyone coming into contact with it that way. This did not really surprise us but we felt it was important to check this out. Sewage is always a good home for anything nasty !


The fact is that at any time, contact with live human sewage is always to be avoided and practical PPE should be worn whenever possible when working on sewage pumping stations or sewage treatment works.


So for Ferrier Pumps, it is business as usual for our teams of breakdown and maintenance engineers who we salute, not just for the work they continue to carry out during this difficult time, but for the work that they carry out 24/7/365 to ensure that our communities benefit from fully operational, hygienic, sewage systems and  continue to enjoy first class drinking water.

 The process of carefully unblocking the “Unchockable” sewage pump begins.

A typical build up of fat, grease , sanitary products and wet wipes combine to make the pump un operable.

April 27, 2020 


To help our customers tackle the tricky problems of supply, repair & maintenance during the difficult challenge of working in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic, our best brains at Ferrier Pumps have come up with an arithmetical strategy which advises  how best to deal with problems that may arise due to the difficult circumstances our customers find themselves in.


By simply following the instructions below, an easy solution can be found that will satisfy all our clients requirements for pump supply, repair and maintenance.



Choose a number between 1 and 9, multipy by 3, addd 3, multiply by 3 again, add the 2 digit number together, number you get will be your best option.

1.Call a pump company that is closed.

2. Call a pump company that holds little or no stock

3. Call a pump company that will overcharge you during the Corona Virus pandemic.

4. Call a pump company with no engineers working.

5. Call a pump company with no technical sales personnel working.

6. Call a pump company with no repair capacity at present.

7. Call a pump company that will not despatch or deliver product at this time.

8. Call a pump company that will not allow you to collect from them at this time.



10. Order pumps or parts from an internet company that holds you responsible for the model or part numbers you provide and that operates a no returns policy.

11. Order pumps or parts from the internet with no guarantees of delivery times.

12. Order cheap poor quality pumps at top quality prices off the internet.

13. Put off pump maintenance and store up trouble for the future.

14. Dig out some old pumps from your scrap heap and try to press them into service.

15. Cannibalise various parts of your plant and try to limp along.

16. Close down your operation and tell yourself you did the best you could under the circumstances.

17. Blame BREXIT for stopping the EU from helping us.

18. Trust the “Experts” that the virus will be gone in three months !

April 6, 2020 


Ferrier Pumps Ltd officially started on 1st April 1981. That was 39 years ago so this is us into our 40th year of operation.

Back then we could not envisage that today, we would be working with a skeleton staff and maintenance and repair teams split into isolation units, wearing face masks and anti-viral disposable hazard suits ...... continue reading in our April 2020 newsletter

April 2, 2020 


Here is a short video which let’s us see how our Football Team, The Young Puma’s are spending their time while on “LOCKDOWN”


Now we know what happened to all the toilet rolls !


Bye the way, these young Puma’s look to me to be getting on a bit.

young pumas logo video.jpg

Cick on the Badge
to play video

March 31, 2020 


Our Aberdeen office got a call from one of the Waste Processing  / Bio-gas plants that have opened up recently regarding a massive progressive cavity pump with a screw auger feed that had suffered a catastrophic failure .

This pump is over six meters in length and is a heavy piece of kit.

Like many of these processing plants, there is no standby pump sitting next to this one so this breakdown was a real emergency for the plant operators.

Another problem was that the pump location would not allow a repair to be carried out on site as the rotor & stator would require workshop facilities to enable these parts to be removed and replaced.


So the pump had to be lifted out of its position by crane, loaded onto one of our trucks and then taken to our workshop at Port Lethen, just South of Aberdeen.


The pump was unloaded and inspected and it became clear that the rotor and stator were in a bad way and that the screw auger had twisted and snapped due to a foreign object being drawn into the pumping mechanism.


So we immediately mobilised and organised new parts to be flown in from Germany and despite the chaos caused by the Corona Virus, the parts arrived 48 hours later and we were ready to fit them into the stripped pump.


Soon the repaired pump was ready to go back into action.


Soon we were back at site and lifting the repaired pump back into its place .


On examination we found this great big lump of metal  was the culprit which had caused the pump to fail. It looks like the teeth / shovel from n excavator had somehow made it into the mix that the pump was transferring into the system. This was an expensive repair caused by thoughtless people not disposing of waste according to the rules. The result is that we all pay for it in the long run. Please remember to be considerate when disposing of the waste that your operation produces.

Well done to our Aberdeen Engineers and everyone involved in getting this pump back into action again in record time.  

As a reward for a job well done, this packet of Ginger nuts has been despatched to our Aberdeen works by courier with the compliments of our directors..

March 23, 2020 


We were asked to design a special system for a poultry  processing and research plant that required to take feathers out of final effluent before it goes to the drain.


We have to pump from out of a pit full of dirty water and feathers into the special filter press system which removes the feathers and returns the waste water back to the drains.


The problem is that the filter has to run with a constant incoming flow and because we are feeding it from a sump set deep in the ground, when the level rises and falls in the sump, the flow increases and de-creases which stops the filter from working properly.


This problem was solved by installing a Landia Submersible pump which chops up feathers and will not clog, and linking it through  a variable speed drive unit, controlled by an ultrasonic level controller.


With this arrangement, as the sump level falls the pump speeds up, and as the sump level rises the pump slows down, thus maintaining a constant flow to the feather filter.


An unusual application that is working a treat !


March 23, 2020 


Further to our previous story regarding the Netzsch equipment we were testing for the caravan site in Fife, we can now display some photographs of the completed installation.


We had a few problems when the system was switched on due to the rising main having settled and actually blocked at a few points but some clever guesswork and perseverance got the system moving again and now it is all ready to meet the summer demand from holidaymakers.


Let’s hope that by the time the summer comes around that this virus will have been put in it’s place by then and things are back to normal.


March 16, 2020 


Ferrier Pumps Ltd were again awarded their Safe Contractor Certificate of Accreditation which is audited every year. This is a proper, meaningful audit and not a rubber stamp exercise.


Many thanks to everyone at Ferrier’s who worked hard throughout the year , maintaining the integrity of our policies and procedures to make sure that our high safety standards were not allowed to slip.


The Safe Contractor Accreditation is becoming ever more recognised as a benchmark for quality in the Construction Industry and as the awareness of the importance of Site Safety becomes apparent

to everyone, such programmes have had a significant impact in reducing accidents and saving lives up and down the country.


Everyone has a part to play in ensuring Safety must be at the foremost of any operation. Make sure YOU play your part too !

March 04, 2020 


We draw your attention to the section of our web site  titled VALVE REFURBISHMENT which is listed under PRODUCTS.


The above photographs show a  65mm relief valve which came into our works on the Monday and was fully repaired, and tested, and delivered back  our customer on the Wednesday.

The valve was returned with full certification, all to AP I598.


Not a bad result, inspected, refurbished, and delivered back in less than 72 hours !.


Please keep us in mind for all your valve repairs and valve refurbishment requirements, especially when you require a quick turnaround or re-certification for insurance purposes.

March 02, 2020 


Once again Ferrier Pumps have sponsored the Deja-Vu Dance Crew, (did you see what I did there ?)


They are organising a fundraising to send their various teams to Germany to compete in the UDO European Street dance Championships to be held in kalkar, sometime in May this year.

Kalkar is right up on the North West of Germany on the border with Holland , and a jolly nice place it is too!


Attached are the most recent pictures of the various teams that they field.


They attended a major competition at Darlington at the beginning of March  and came back with 1st and 2nd places for crews along with other awards for solos and duos.



  • Current Scottish, European and
    World Champions for 2019

  • 1st place at Darlington 2020


  • Current Scottish, European and
    World Champions 2019

  • 1st place at Darlington 2020


  • 2nd place at Darlington 2020

  • They are pretty much a new team for this year with only 4 of still in it from last year


If anyone would like to make a donation please follow the link below;


They do not have a website as  it is all done through Facebook this is the link to their page


We think that this is a splendid effort and it is great to see these young girls represent Scotland this way and consistently get such good results.

We wish DejaVu every success in the up and  coming competition and are confident that once again, they will show our European friends , how it’s done !

February 28, 2020 


We finished our staff training for the month with a visit from “Renner Kompressoren” , and teach-ins were held at all of our three branches for  our sales and maintenance staff.

Pictured is Matthew Dalton with his dad and our Peter Ramsay at our Leith office admiring a Renner compressor that Matthew brought up to show us.

The Dalton family have been  looking after the market for Renner Compressors in the UK for over 15 years.


Renner is regarded as one of the highest quality Air Compressor manufacturers in Germany and the range of products that they have to offer is second to none.

The UK stock have fifty-five different models on the shelf at any time and over £400,000.00 of spare parts are available from stock, anywhere in the UK, within 24 hours.


From the beginning of March, Ferrier Pumps Ltd will be representing Renner Air Compressors in Scotland which are used by a multitude of industries on every application.


Renner can offer Screw Compressors, Piston compressors, Oil-Free compressors & Super Silent designs. Special air supply control systems and a whole range of air compressor air treatment equipment and accessories are also available.


For all your air compressor requirements, give Ferrier Pumps  a call and we will be pleased to be able to offer an engineered, air compressor solution to meet your air requirements from our “Renner Kompressoren” range.


February 27, 2020 



The above photograph shows a twin variable speed booster pump set which we managed to despatch within 72 hours to one of our Facilities Management customers who found themselves in an emergency situation.


A multiple occupant block of flats that the Facilities Management Company had just taken over the responsibility for the maintainance on, for a  Local Authority had been found to drastically fall short of the Water-Byelaws.


The building had been issued with a Health Warning that the storage tank and pump system that was installed over thirty years before, was in breach of current legislation and could potentially

cause a hygiene problem for the residents of the multi-storey block of flats which it served.


Ferrier Pump were called in to assist and their engineers immediately reacted and isolated the old pump and tank system. They then installed a temporary single pump set with a fixed speed pump and a small storage tank which, although not ideal, ensured that the residents  still enjoyed a supply of safe potable water, albeit at varying flows and pressures depending on which storey the live on.


Meanwhile, in the background the pump set above was built from existing drawings and materials that were to hand, and the result was that we were able to supply the above twin pump set complete with storage tank, filtration and controls, all to WRAS specification, and re-instate the water supply to the building  before the residents realised that there had even been a problem.


Another job well done !

February 21, 2020 

The above photograph shows two pairs of Netzsch Pumps and two Netzsch Macerators being inspected in our Leith workshop  before installation.

These beasts are serious pieces of kit and will give long and trouble free operation for many years to come.


The caravan park was previously plagued with breakdowns to its sewage system and the time had come where it was best to gut out the old system and simply start again.

Netzsch Pumps and Macerators are setting new standards for this type of equipment across Europe, America and beyond.  At the end of the day, it’s the quality that counts !


“ A holiday by the sea, what could be better !? ”

February 10, 2020 
Waste Water Treatment Works,  Wash Water Booster Set


One of the more interesting installations we completed at the end of January was the installation of this rather large Twin Booster Pump set at one of our Scottish Water sites.


Both pumps are 30KW and fitted with variable speed drives which ensure the flow rate is regulated to suit the demand which will save a fair bit of water, and a lot of electricity through reduced running costs, over the systems lifetime.


The pump set came on a prefabricated skid with all controls and electrics and we also supplied the 10,000 litre storage tank which is sitting behind our man.  The whole job was delivered to site  and installed and commissioned in only two days. The plant was kept running on a twenty four hour duty, before the new pump booster set  was seamlessly brought into operation.

February 03, 2020 
Special Duct Pump System

Above us a rather neat system we installed this week which is the fourth one for a medical research campus we have been working with.  The cable duct where you see the pipes going down into, house high voltage 11,000 Volt cables that were forever filling with ground water.

Water and high voltage cables are not a good combination and short of spending hundreds of thousand of pounds on remedial work on the foundations, the solution was to keep the cable ducts dry.

By installing submersible pumps that can run on "snore" and get the water level down to two millimeters, and by installing the crafty blue box next to the control panel , which allows us to operate the pumps on this very shallow application, the cable ducts are now kept dry , and by implication, they are very much safer.

A clever and economic solution to a difficult problem !


January 30, 2020
Continued Support of Grassroots Youth Football

Ferrier Pumps have always tried to give a bit back to the community and one of the ways we do it is to sponsor two football teams.  Below is the “Young Pumas” looking ready to get wired into another game.

The above photo’s is of the “Young Pumas'” football team which we sponsor.


Young Puma’s are based in Cumbernauld and play in the “Central Scotland Football Association” development league. 


The team consists of 16 hard-working kids and dedicated coaches. They are doing well in the league at this time. 


Thanks to the sponsorship of Ferrier Pumps the team have been able to purchase new strips.


Hopefully they can climb the league as the season progresses and you never know, there might be a few who manage to make it to a higher level.      


Well done to all concerned who give their time so selflessly to young people like this, to help kids like these and the wider community.

Our other team is “ Kilmarnock Portland 2012.”


Once again, our friends Wilo Pumps helped us to sponsor the strips and other equipment so that when our boys and girls walk out onto the pitch, they are so well kitted out that nobody can say they look  second best to anyone.


One of our site managers, James, spends a lot of his time organising this team which have girls as well as boys playing , and nobody gets turned away.  


We hear that again, they are performing well in their league and that they are beginning to be the team to watch out for.


If you have a very strong magnifying glass, you can just make out the Ferrier Pumps name above the Wilo logo on the strips.

I get the impression that these kids are more interested in football than promoting our business to a world wide audience.


Not to worry !, as long as you are scoring goals.


January 28, 2020
Burnington Street 1963

Above is a photograph from about 1963 which shows Burlington Street, Leith , where our office now stands.  The police box is still there, but the pub opposite, which was called "The Spotted Dog " is long gone.

We were digging in our flowerbeds the other day and came across this old bottle which harks back to when ginger beer was made in the site where our Leith office now stands.

Note the Hillman Imp parked in the street.

Made in Scotland, it had the engine in the boot at the back and the boot at the front, under the hood. 


Not a bad car if you could get it to start !

The first week in January saw us build and install a new high pressure glycerine pump set which is used to inflate a specialist sealing system for the MOD.

This replaces the old gearbox driven set which was installed sometime in the 1960’s.

We refurbished the old pump set in 1984 and it has been in constant use ever since.

However, all things must pass and it is now time for this little, stainless steel, micro pump with variable speed drive to take over.

We would like to think that this set too will last about sixty years !

January 8, 2020
Glycerine, Hydraulic Seal Control, Pump Set, for the MOD

jan8 image 2.jpg
jan8 image 1.jpg

January 6, 2020
New sewage Screen Wash Pump.  A Genuine Emergency

This was an interesting little job which we carried out in the week between Christmas & the New Year.

This was at a Scottish Water pumping station that relied on these two old horizontal split case pumps installed sometime in the 1960’s, which are used on sewage screen wash duties. Our competitors prepared a quotation that offered  for the price of £12,500.00  per pump, to splash a tin of Belzona inside and out of the broken down pump before they pressed it back into service.


Rather than go down that route, we offered to supply a new, 30KW  vertical multistage pump from stock, make some pipe adaptors and put the new pump in with a variable speed drive system. This will save a so much money in reduced  electricity running costs  that the entire new system will pay for itself within two years.


Our price for providing the new pump, the variable speed drive and the pipework modifications was considerably less than £12,500.00.


From start to finish, the entire operation took three days as opposed to the three weeks which was quoted for brushing a tin of Belzona onto the old pump parts.


We are looking forward to receiving the order to replace the other obsolete pump any time soon.

jan6 image 2.jpg

December 12, 2019

Below is the FICA certificate awarded to our now,  ex-apprentice, Josh Cross. He is one of the best engineers we have in our Edinburgh team. Congratulations Josh, we expected nothing less from you.