Ferrier pumps have worked hard to obtain the necessary Accreditation which allows them to operate in a variety of fields including the construction industry and within the envelope of the Scottish Water Frameworks.


Below is a brief description of the accreditation which Ferrier Pumps holds and what these accreditations mean.


ISO 9001


This level of accreditation means that we have successfully implemented a system which enables us to benefit from increased efficiency , reduced costs , industry best practice , and a focus on quality. This results in increased customer satisfaction and improved supplier relationships and a more efficient supply chain overall. Additional benefits of implementing the system are that employee morale increases, internal communication improves and everyone is encouraged to work to the one agenda.



This level of accreditation is the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems.

It is designed to protect the Environment and to ensure that companies meet their legal obligations regarding Protecting the Environment.

The system encourages the reduction of Waste Materials and cuts the cost of Waste Management by implementing systems that reduce the use of materials that become waste such as excess packaging. This accreditation encourages the use of energy saving processes, reducing transport journeys, introducing vehicles with lower emissions ratings into our vehicle fleet and a host of other practices which all help to reduce our carbon footprint.   

OHSAS 18001


This level of accreditation is a system designed to reduce Workplace Hazards and Increase Employee Morale.

When implemented, it analyses a business’s practices and procedures and produces a tailor made set of Policies, Procedures and Controls specific to the needs of that business, to help eradicate practices which could have be hazardous and dangerous and have an obvious detrimental effect on the workforce.

This system is designed to spot procedures at work which could cause accidents and to implement new procedures to eradicate the possibility of such accidents occurring.What are the benefits of BS OHSAS 18001?

  • Create the best possible working conditions across your organization

  • Identify hazards and put in place controls to manage them

  • Reduce workplace accidents and illness to cut related costs and downtime

  • Engage and motivate staff with better, safer working conditions

  • Demonstrate compliance to customers and suppliers 


SafeContractor Approval

Safe Contractor approval is recognised as part of the safe schemes In procurement (SSIP) structure. This scheme involves the implementation of Health & Safety Audits for contractors who wish to demonstrate and reassure their clients that Health & Safety is being handled and implemented sufficiently on their construction sites. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the construction industry who use this system as a benchmark as to how contractors should conduct themselves on site.

ISOQAR Registered


The above is the audit procedure that is in place to ensure that the procedures relevant to the Accreditations described above are implemented and respected and adhered to on an ongoing basis.


These audits are carried out by a recognised independent body which ensures that standards are maintained.



Since 1998, NICEIC has provided industry-recognised assessments to the Building Services Sector, which covers industry, plumbing and heating engineers.