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The larger part of our contracting business concentrates on the design, construct and commissioning of new, and the refurbishment of existing,  Clean & Wastewater assets for Scottish Water and their Framework partners. We design and build these stations. As well as installing clean water and solids handling pumps, we design projects which incorporate sludge handling equipment, screens, mixers and chemical dosing,  including chemical dosing equipment and UV and aeration treatment systems. High Voltage (11,000 volt), and standard voltage M.C.C’s and telemetry systems also come under our remit.

Ferrier Pumps are a Scottish Water , Quality & Standards IV, Tier I Waste Water Infrastructure Delivery Partner: Lot 3 Mechanical & Electrical Framework (No. SW13/CAP/867/1)

Ferrier Pumps are also the only MEICA contractor  on the Scottish Water Rural framework (No. SW14/CAP/0912), approved to carry out operations throughout  Scotland.

Ferrier Pumps are on the Scottish Water Framework (No. SW16/ME/1040),  for the supply of Electrical & Mechanical consumables.

Ferrier Pumps are also on the Scottish Water Framework (No. SW16/ME/1048/16),  for the Inspection ,repair & maintenance of Electrical & Mechanical equipment.
As we are accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and are qualified to carry out Principal Contractor and other Health & Safety functions as a stand- alone company or in a JV Partnership with others. This includes the capacity to supervise & carry out Civils Works as required by our clients.
We invest heavily in our staff and they are trained to current Site Health & Safety standards including CSCS up to Manager Level (SVQ level4), Confined Space Working , National Water Hygiene as well as Appointed Persons and Emergency First Aid.

Click here to read a story printed in the Scotsman which covers a Potable Water system we designed and installed for the Montrose Port Authority. A system was required which would enable ships to fill up with water at a very fast rate so that they could come into port, drop off their containers and be away again as soon as possible. A fill rate of 280 Tonnes per hour was agreed and that is what we delivered. The fast turn round rate that the Port of Montrose is now able to offer their clients has significantly increased the tonnage that is now choosing to use the port on a regular basis.

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Below is a picture of Braehead Sewage Pumping Station at the start of 2019, which had deteriorated into a sorry state and was in need of major refurbishment.


The entire station was gutted and then refurbished with new Pumps, Screens, Valves & Actuators, M.C.C.’s, Telemetry, Security Doors & Gates , Railings and Walkways, Security Fences and Covers and then finished off with the surrounding car park re-surfaced.


The pumping station was kept fully operational throughout this time