Ferrier Pumps pioneered telemetry systems on pump stations over twenty years ago and were one of the first companies to use wireless technology when mobile phone networks sprang up and came into general use. 

Over the years we have worked with many telemetry system suppliers and had our own designs for telemetry smart boxes manufactured for us to suit the ever increasing demands from our customers for remote monitoring of automated,  un-manned pump stations.


In recent years we have utilised the NORTECH  system which, as it now stands is perfect for our client’s requirements for remote monitoring of the pump stations which we install across the country.


To summarise briefly, the NORTECH system allows us to interrogate the performance history of a pump station from any one of our three depots, monitor its live, present condition and have our maintenance engineers informed should any fault such as a blockage or a pump tripping out on its overload circuit breaker, occur. This enables us to provide our customers with a round the clock, 24/7 maintenance surveillance service, 

reducing expensive breakdowns on critical equipment and providing security as well as value for money in reduced repair costs. 

The NORTECH systems are used extensively on pump stations covered and protected by our GOLD STAR MAINTENANCE PROGRAMMES and they directly enable us to reduce the cost of servicing our client’s pumping plant and give them peace of mind ensuring that expensive breakdowns will be effectively eradicated.