On the right are the  various segments of our resilience plans which we hope will enable us to combat the truly unprecedented challenges which our country faces as the threat of the Corona Virus looms even larger.

We all watch the news and at this time we can see that it appears as if the battle is being lost. Come what may, Ferrier Pumps intends to do everything we can to assist our customers get through this terrible pandemic.

We will all come through this and live to fight another day, but we can all help ourselves by making an extra effort at this time.


Ferrier Pumps do not have any greater insight into how to tackle this problem than anyone else, but what we do know is that Ferrier Pumps does provide essential services to our customers and just because we are in exceptional times does not mean that our customers requirements are diminished or have gone away.


Every one of us requires clean, safe, drinking water and adequate and functioning sewage systems to be operational at all times. This is what we do. This is what our customers have come to expect from us.

Buildings require heating and hospitals and other essential services and institutions that have come to rely on our services, especially regarding breakdowns and maintenance, must continue to be looked after.


Industry has not stopped and the food producers and processors are still working flat out to alleviate shortages and satisfy the normal demands of their sectors, despite the virus causing unexpected difficulties.


So, at Ferrier Pumps it is our intention to carry on as normally as possible.

Our staff have all been briefed on the reasonable and sensible precautions that can be taken and like everyone else, they have been instructed to avoid any avoidable contact with people where possible.


Should the situation deteriorate in the forthcoming weeks and months, this notice will be updated and telephone numbers will be posted of staff members that have been directed to work from home or have had to self- isolate.


Should schools and other institutions be closed then perhaps this can be seen as an opportunity for pump replacement work and maintenance that can be carried out without the stress of tight , inflexible, time windows.


Ferrier Pumps  have over £750,000.00 of stock held at our three depots. This equipment can still be sent out to customers and our supply chain can still be relied upon to send equipment direct as required.


Should you require our services, call us as normal and we will endeavour to assist you where possible.


We will get through this together and come out the other side together.


Brian Ferrier.  


Please click on the images below to donwload PDF's of Ferrier Pumps plans for the Corona Virus outbreak