Caring for the wellbeing of our greatest asset, our people, means that Health & Safety practices are embedded into the fabric of our company.


Our approach means that every individual is accountable for promoting and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for ourselves and those potentially affected by our actions. It also means our Management team must minimise risk by ensuring that their people comply with our health & safety policies.

Health & Safety

Expectations for
Health & Safety Management

Control Risks

Positive Behaviours


Our “No Harmful Incident” vision is shared by all our employees. This can be achieved by reducing risk from our activities by following clearly defined guidance set out in our health & safety policies. This is to ensure that there is;

No Fatalities
No Permanent Injuries
No Injuries To Members Of The Public
No Long Term Harm To Health
Measuring Our Performance

It is important to measure performance against our goal of No Harmful Incidents. Records are kept ensuring that any recordable incident is logged, this enables us to understand hazards and risks that we come across in our day to day activities and take action where necessary.

Ferrier Pumps will collate, measure and report through our QHSE management system. This will ensure that reporting will be accurate and consistent and will assist us in reaching our goal. All of our employees and partners will be made aware of how incidents can be reported and how this information will be used.