January 28, 2020
Burnington Street 1963

Above is a photograph from about 1963 which shows Burlington Street, Leith , where our office now stands.  The police box is still there, but the pub opposite, which was called "The Spotted Dog " is long gone.

We were digging in our flowerbeds the other day and came across this old bottle which harks back to when ginger beer was made in the site where our Leith office now stands.

Note the Hillman Imp parked in the street.

Made in Scotland, it had the engine in the boot at the back and the boot at the front, under the hood. 


Not a bad car if you could get it to start !

The first week in January saw us build and install a new high pressure glycerine pump set which is used to inflate a specialist sealing system for the MOD.

This replaces the old gearbox driven set which was installed sometime in the 1960’s.

We refurbished the old pump set in 1984 and it has been in constant use ever since.

However, all things must pass and it is now time for this little, stainless steel, micro pump with variable speed drive to take over.

We would like to think that this set too will last about sixty years !

January 8, 2020
Glycerine, Hydraulic Seal Control, Pump Set, for the MOD

jan8 image 2.jpg
jan8 image 1.jpg

January 6, 2020
New sewage Screen Wash Pump.  A Genuine Emergency

This was an interesting little job which we carried out in the week between Christmas & the New Year.

This was at a Scottish Water pumping station that relied on these two old horizontal split case pumps installed sometime in the 1960’s, which are used on sewage screen wash duties. Our competitors prepared a quotation that offered  for the price of £12,500.00  per pump, to splash a tin of Belzona inside and out of the broken down pump before they pressed it back into service.


Rather than go down that route, we offered to supply a new, 30KW  vertical multistage pump from stock, make some pipe adaptors and put the new pump in with a variable speed drive system. This will save a so much money in reduced  electricity running costs  that the entire new system will pay for itself within two years.


Our price for providing the new pump, the variable speed drive and the pipework modifications was considerably less than £12,500.00.


From start to finish, the entire operation took three days as opposed to the three weeks which was quoted for brushing a tin of Belzona onto the old pump parts.


We are looking forward to receiving the order to replace the other obsolete pump any time soon.

jan6 image 2.jpg

December 12, 2019

Below is the FICA certificate awarded to our now,  ex-apprentice, Josh Cross. He is one of the best engineers we have in our Edinburgh team. Congratulations Josh, we expected nothing less from you.