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February 12th, 2021

The majority shareholding in Ferrier Pumps has been sold to EPS Group.


The company, a water and wastewater infrastructure specialist and headquartered in Cork, Ireland, employs over 500 people in Ireland and the UK.

EPS Group’s Managing Director Patrick Buckley says Ferrier Pumps will bring their product offering; service and repair and project delivery experience to the ever-expanding group. “With a combined 92 years of experience between the two companies, we look forward to further strengthening our working relationship with the enormously experienced Ferrier Pumps team in the months and years ahead”, says Patrick.

With an expanding footprint in the UK with offices in Alton, Hampshire; Thetford, Norfolk and Lichfield, Staffordshire in recent years, EPS is no stranger to Scotland, having applied the company’s extensive off-site construction/DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) expertise and experience to deliver a wastewater treatment plant in Inverurie and water treatment plant upgrade works in Tullich, Oban in recent years in partnership with ESD, one of Scottish Water’s delivery partners.

Contracts Director at Ferrier Pumps, PJ McFeeley says, “We have been working with EPS for a number of years on various infrastructure projects in Scotland and we quickly realised that there was a natural fit between both organisations. Over the last 40 years, Ferrier Pumps has cultivated an excellent reputation for having a dedicated and long serving team, with a strong focus on delivering for our customers across Scotland".

EPS works across the utility; industrial; commercial; residential and agricultural sectors with customers as varied as water and power companies; those in the dairy, meat processing, bakery, brewing & distilling industries; pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, microelectronic, data centre and defence spaces to commercial including building services, leisure, office/retail outlets and SMEs to residential and agricultural clients.

EPS Group’s five main business areas of design, build and construction services; off-site/DfMA manufacturing & assembly; outsourced asset management & operations; service and repair of assets and equipment and technical product sales and distribution mean that it is one of the few genuine end-to-end service providers in the global water sector.

Taking a whole life cycle approach to water and wastewater treatment has played a huge part in EPS’ growth and success, with extensive asset management; facility management; reactive and planned repairs and maintenance across all the sectors the company serves, with over 200 in-field technicians and operators maintaining over 300 assets directly & 1000s indirectly in the company’s care across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland under various partnership models for utility, industrial and commercial clients.

Patrick Buckley says, “We offer water and wastewater pumping and treatment services to markets in Ireland and the UK while we also export globally for one-off or strategic projects, which have included locations in the Philippines, Grenada, North America, Antarctica, Africa and the Middle East as well as various data centre projects across Northern Europe over the past decade”.

“We firmly believe that Ferrier Pumps will prosper further as part of EPS Group, leveraging our experience in the digital engineering, DfMA and asset management spaces as well as gaining access to our multiple technology & product partners”, says Patrick. “We are also looking forward to combining our efforts to strengthen our relationship with, and offering to, our customers and clients across Scotland and Northern England and in particular, Scottish Water and their delivery partners in the next investment cycle to 2027 as well as their Net Zero emissions efforts & targets”.

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JULY 22, 2020

Ferrier Pumps Ltd are proud to announce that last month, we were awarded ISO 45001 certification for all our four locations which cover Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. This is an excellent achievement which reflects on the dedication and efforts of all our staff.  Some people were more involved than others in working towards this goal but the extensive audit which is carried out before this award was presented to us, looks in detail at all aspects of our business and is a reflection of the professionalism, diligence and attention to detail consistently displayed by our staff.

The ISO 45001 certificate covers Occupational Health & Safety Management which any business with a workshop environment and regularly working outside on site should at least aspire to.

Congratulations to all who were at the forefront of this achievement and many thanks to all those who took on board the importance of us qualifying for this award and helped to make it happen.


JULY 21, 2020


Here is a picture of the Virus Disposal Unit  ( VDU),  which we designed and built for the safe disposal of effluent from the testing laboratories as per the Scotsman Newspaper story.
This vacuum sealed unit also sits in its own stainless steel bund should for any reason, a component fail and a spillage be detected.

Here we see our man Josh giving the VDU the finishing touches before the system is tested in or workshop, hours before it is delivered to the laboratory at Livingston.

An interesting project which hopefully will play a small but significant part in the rapid development of a vaccine to beat Covid-19.

Well done to all concerned !


July 15, 2020 


Last month we were back at the World Famous Fairmont Hotel which enjoys such wonderful views over its delightful Torrance and Kittocks courses at St. Andrews.

This beautiful hotel which is steeped in the history of golf, asked us to  refurbished a number of its plant room pump systems, to make the facilities they have on offer,  even more reliable and increase their overall energy efficiency.

Last month we were back at the World Famous Fairmont Hotel which enjoys such wonderful views over the Old Course at St. Andrews.

This beautiful hotel which is stepped in the history of golf, asked us to  refurbished a number of its plant room pump systems , to make the facilities they have on offer,  even more reliable and increase their overall energy efficiency.


These are the old pool pumps which have since been removed and replaced with their more modern equivalents.


As you can see, the SPA area is indeed luxurious and a fabulous sight to behold.

The sort of place God would go for a swim if he had the money.


These new pool pumps will run silently and efficiently for many years providing a reliable service to the Fairmont clients with an increased capacity ensuing a higher filtration rate.


We start to remove the insulation of the  old chilled water pumps prior to the pump replacements which will make the air conditioning system perform to an even higher standard on the odd hot day that we get, even here in Scotland .

The new chilled water pumps are installed in place ready to be wired up and tested. All the pumps on each system are fitted with expansion bellows to remove vibration in the system and take up any expansion and contraction in the pipe systems.


And then it is time to replace the old heating pumps, with their giant strainers which are there to  catch any dirt and scale which can build up inside large heating system pipe work systems such as this.


The two New Heating pumps are put into place with their new bends which are fabricated and welded on site and the pump motor feet are bolted down onto the mounting blocks.


Our engineers, satisfied that the New Heating pumps are correctly aligned , their thoughts turn to the task of re-insulating the pump systems.


The new insulation begins to take shape around the pipe work.


Insulation to cut down heat loss is the first step to energy efficiency. These variable speed drives , discreetly mounted on the adjacent wall, are the second step.


These are some general pictures of the boiler house where we have been working. Most old navy men will tell you that if you want to see how well a ship is run, go into the bowels of the ship and have a good look around.

If everything which is normally out of sight looks clean and well maintained , then that is reflected in the rest of the ship’s performance. In our experience, the same applies to hotels, schools, hospitals  and other public buildings.

As you can see the boiler house is very clean and crisp which is reflected in all aspects of this magnificent hotel, the grandeur of which is reflected in this picture of the Fairmont Hotel’s interior.


July 14, 2020 



Prepare the ground. build a large agricultural storage tank, and place an old container with a new generator beside it. 


July 14, 2020 



Reading the newspapers and economic forecasts and watching the doom and gloom stories that we are fed by television each day, one starts to question if, in the wake of the Corona-19 virus, if it is going to be worth actually getting out of bed in the morning. 

We are told that there will be mass unemployment and that “Things” will never recover nor be the same again whatever that means.

Now we all know what unemployment is and the purpose of this article is not to make light of the hardships that people who have lost their jobs or who are going to lose their jobs will suffer,  but we must look forward and have some confidence that better times are ahead.


One of the first casualties of any recession is the maintenance budget which always  appears an easy one to target when finances are low. From the look of the bicycle above, the owner must have been having rather a difficult time for a few years now as this bike has simply been allowed to rot away. How much more of a stark picture is required to get our point across ?

Pump systems are especially vulnerable to quickly falling into disrepair when the maintenance tap is turned off. Over the years we have seen ourselves called in to look at a dilapidated system which require to be scrapped and replaced which, if a regular maintenance routine had been in operation, many more years of service could have been had from the equipment and considerable costs and inconvenience reduced not to mention the cost in business downtime.  

So, we would urge all our clients to take a pragmatic approach to their annual maintenance costs regarding servicing their pumping equipment and be aware that short term gains will inevitably result in long term tears. You would not let your company vehicles run on and on without proper servicing as you know that that would not make sense in the long run. The same goes for pump systems.


Please bear this in mind as your business back up in the days to come


July 14, 2020 


Here is a picture of two Flygt submersible sewage pumps sitting in our yard awaiting inspection & repair.

At any time of the year we generally have about fifteen to twenty of these types of pumps being refurbished at our three depots.
Usually the work consists of checking the electrics, replacing the mechanical seal and re-filling with oil.

New wear rings and a new impeller usually brings the cost to the point where further work, if required, makes the repair uneconomical with the best solution being to replace with a new pump.

Regular maintenance visits to site can greatly reduce the overall maintenance costs of such equipment where the age old adage that “a stich in time saves nine” very much applies.


July 13, 2020 



These pictures show two views of a simple twin booster set we built for a client recently.

As you can see, the twin pump set is sitting below a storage tank, and at the top of the tank there is an arrangement which provides the  regulation anti-syphon air gap with a ballcock to allow the tank to be filled.

This little pump set, while very basic with no frills, is an economic solution for the clients factory and will provide a reliable water supply at a constant pressure for many years to come.


July 12, 2020 


Ferrier Pumps now has Heavy Duty Dewatering Pumps in Stock.


Click Here to Download a PDF of the Brochure


July 11, 2020 



Once again, our Glasgow office saw the signs of an economic recovery with increased sales of the IMP range of variable speed heating pumps.

The IMP range of circulator pumps have proved to be very popular with the Facilities Management companies, not just because of their price which  is considerably less than their competition , but because of their ease of installation when it comes to pump replacement.

IMP pumps are able to provide the clients variable speed requirements and compatibility to the various BMS systems that are in use but with a much reduced physical size compared to the new pump ranges that have appeared in recent times from companies such  as Grundfos.

In many cases, it is not possible to replace an old Grundfos pump with a new model because the physical size of the new pump is so large as a result of accommodating energy efficiency features inspired by EU legislation, that the new pumps will not fit in the place of the old pumps !


July 10, 2020 


Things are starting to pick up again at our Aberdeen office which last month saw a nice order land for four heavy duty ATEX rated air operated sandpiper pumps.


The Covid virus combined with a downturn in the oil price saw things in Aberdeen slow down over the last few months but now there is a definite recovery and the oil companies are beginning to get moving again.

Our Aberdeen office has seen a string of interesting orders come in over the last few weeks and we can only hope that this trend lasts for many years to come. We hope that the Offshore Oil Industry, that has done so much for our country over the last sixty years, with the first oil brought ashore by BP from the Forties field in 1975, continues to expand and grow.

Here is a picture of a Souvenir that celebrates this monumental achievement which I still keep on my desk today, and which was given to me by a contractor that I supplied high pressure water jetting equipment to back in the early seventies. Everyone in Aberdeen must have had one of these at one time. I doubt many have survived intact like this one !


July 9, 2020 



On the back of our order for the four Sandpiper pumps, our Aberdeen office also saw  a nice order for a number of Wilden Air Operated Pumps, quickly follow.

Wilden , Sandpiper, Wilden , Sandpiper ??  Life gets confusing at times.

Although over the years the two companies have developed a far wider range of pump models and options, generally speaking, the Sandpiper was seen as the more robust or tougher animal but with the drawback that it had many more parts in its construction and was more difficult to service.

The Wilden pump had a more appealing look to it and was usually a little less expensive.  

I am not sure who came up with the idea of a double diaphragm pump , but I would put my money on the Romans who’s blacksmiths  used, hand operated, double bellows, to pump air into their furnaces when metal working.

Crafty people the Romans, although I can’t think that they ever did much for us !


July 9, 2020 



This month our Glasgow office saw business begin to pick up again and them landing some nice orders for Armstrong twin heating pumps with variable speed drives  exactly like the ones in the picture above.

These pumps are destined for a large army base where a programme of refurbishment has been going on over the last few years.

Things came to a dead halt with the appearance of the Covid-19 virus, but the contractor is on the move again and hopefully will have catch up with an accelerated programme of work which will meet their December deadline.

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